Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mineral Makeup Series: Mineral Makeup!

I don't wear makeup.

Why? For several reasons.

First, it makes me breakout. I don't understand how some people can wear any makeup brand, even the drugstore kinds, and still have gorgeous skin. It' not fair.
Second, I know as much about makeup-application/techniques as I know about brain surgery. Which is nothing.
Third, when I do try to put on makeup, I always end up looking ridiculous. You should have seen me try the smokey-eye technique. I could have been an extra in a horror movie.
Fourth, it takes such a long time. It would take less time for me to paint the London Bridge than to paint my face.

And that is why, I don't wear makeup. Then came along the Mineral Makeup.

One time my family and I were on a road trip and my sister tried the MMU (Mineral Make Up) on me. Wow. I became a believer. I love how it looks so natural. And it feels very light on your skin. In fact, it feels like you're not wearing makeup at all. Plus, and most importantly, IT DOES NOT MAKE ME BREAKOUT. Neither does it make my acne worse. I read somewhere that MMU actually helps heal acne and prevent it. I don't know about that but what I do know is that my face is not getting worse. Also, I noticed that MMU gives you that "airbrushed look" especially when applied wet. It also gives your skin a natural glow that other kinds of makeup cannot duplicate.

There are many different brands to choose from. There's Everyday Minerals, Ocean Mist, Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals, Sheer Cover, Luminare, Ellena.....the list goes on and on. I recommend that you check out different brands to find "The One" for you. Before committing yourself to it, try samples first. They're very cheap, and sometimes free. This way you can test the waters first and see if MMU is for you. Oh and, one tip about buying foundation. It is very important, actually crucial, that you buy the shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. This is what gives you that all-natural, flawless, and fresh look. (I read in another blog that MMU is very forgiving so you can wear different shades of foundation. But still, it would be much better if you wear the shade that perfectly matches yours.)

If you want more information about Mineral Makeup, google it. You'll find tons of articles about it. Also, try watching videos on You Tube. I've seen some pretty good ones there about MMU --- application, reviews, techniques, etc.

If you've never tried Mineral Makeup before, you should. It could change your life.

(Or maybe not. But it will definitely change your face.)


My Mineral Makeup. Yes, my collection is not extesive. I've been itching to buy some more but these mineral makeups last forever! Seriously. I've been using it for about 6 months now, almost everyday, and there's still a lot of it. Like half, maybe.

The brand I'm using is OceanMist.
Left to right, top to bottom: Mineral Veil in Lightly Tinted Mineral Finish, Foundation in Champagne and Sandstone, Light Mineral Concealer (waaay too light for me), Vanora Blush (love it!), Warmly Luminous Mineral Finish, Yellow corector, Brown eyeshadow and Carribean Reef eyeshadow.

Barenatural Ultmate Concealer, Peach blush from BareNaturals and Sunshine Yellow Concealer from StarMinerals.

Brushes, Mineral Makeups, Mixing dish, Spray bottle and a Pink Blush (not MMU).

XoXo plamea

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try using Luminare mineral makeup.