Sunday, June 8, 2008


So, we just harvested some bananas from our very own backyard and oh my goodness...they taste really good. Very sweet and plump. There are a lot of variety of bananas here. For example we have lacatan (this is the variety that comes to mind when I think of bananas), senorita (really cute and tiny bananas), latundan (yummy!), saba, etc.

Saba. You need to steam or boil this first before eating. Yeah, they look but they taste good. In a bowl pour some cold milk add sliced saba and some sugar....mmmmm.

Latundan. They are small, usually only about3-4 inches long, they're round and fat. Very sweet and the meat is 'denser' in texture than your normal banana. Twin bananas are normal to this variety.

Senorita. They're so cute! Talk about bite-size. Many are no bigger than my pinky.

I could several of these...

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