Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lois Battle: War Brides

My sister and I were strolling in the mall yesterday and I saw my local bookstore was selling 2 books for a very cheap price. I couldn't resist. I bought a book about France that was supposed to be hilarious but instead I found annoying and tiresome. Didn't bother to read after a few pages. I'm seriously considering burnig that book. Now, on to the book that I want to review.

War Brides is the story of three Australian women who married American men during the first world war. The book tells about theiry indivudual stories: the struggles and challenges, joy, pain, adjustments to married life in a foreign country and the general plot of women. We meet Dawn Mueller, loving mother of two, wife to a vaguely enstranged husband, practical, efficient but never receving the love she deserves. Gaynor Cunningham, truly lives up to her name for she is as cunning as she is clever. Manipulative, neurotic, the kind of person you wouldn't want living next to you. Sheila Hickock, sweet, naive, stubborn. Out of the three I think the had the happiest ending the book. If you can call it an ending.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

I honestly think that this book would have been a good read if not for the horrible ending. Actually it had no ending. That's why it's horrible. I feel like the author just kept on writing and writing until one day she realized that she had reached the ultimate maximum number of pages she's allowed to write but she hadn't written the ending part yet so she decided to just leave the story as is. No closure. I mean, you are left with a burning question in your mind, "Well, what in the world happened to them?!" After finishing the book (yes, I finished it) I was left dissatisfied, confused and a little angry at the author. I threw the book away.

It's also a little confusing when you read the book because every shapter is about one of the three women. It's like reading three books in one. Also, the point of view/speaker in the book keeps changing without warning. There were several times when I had absolutly no idea whose train of thought or observation I was reading.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to read this. Sorry Lois Battle.

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