Monday, March 16, 2009

Bye-Bye Blackheads!

If you've ever been plagued by stubborn blackheads on your nose then I am sure you can appreciate the value of a good pore de-clogger. Unfortunately, I have never found any product in the market that could do this effectively and satisfactorily. That is, until I discovered baking soda and Cetaphil.

How To Make:

1. Mix equal parts Cetaphil and baking soda on the palm of your hand. (About 1/4 tsp. each.)


2. Using your fingers rub the baking soda until you get a grainy, paste like consistency. There should not be any big lumps of baking soda left. If there are, just pick them off.

3. Now apply this mixture to your slightly damp face. Using your middle and ring finger, lightly and gently massage your face. Do not apply pressure. The baking soda will do all the srcubbing for you.

4. Wash face and pat dry. Follow with toner and moisturizer.
Get a mirror and look at the pore on your nose. Amazing isn't it?
In the past, I've used this once a day (usually at night) everyday and have had no adverse reactions. If you plan to try this, please listen to your skin. If your face gets red, burns, or shows other signs of irritation, please stop using it. Listen to your skin. I hope this woks for you, too!

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