Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sophie Kinsella: Can You Keep A Secret?

First, a short backgound.

Emma Corrigan. Twenty-five years old, Junior Marketing Executive in Panther Cola, flatmates Lissy (whom she's had a very lesbian dream about once) and Jemima (whose expensive clothes, shoes, bags, you name it!, she "borrows" all the time), hates G-strings but wears them anyway, boyfriend Connor who thinks she's a size 8 when she's really a 12, never been in love, has a Barbie bedspread, and absolutely terrified of flying. Which is why she blabbered on for an hour to the man sitting beside her basically every single secret of hers. Which wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't turn out to be the founder of the company she works for. Her life turns into a chaotic mess, with lots of ups and downs and in the end she learns (hopefully) a valuable lesson: Telling a lie while you keep your fingers crossed behind your back is not the same as telling the truth.

RATING: 1.5 out of 5


The story was funny and interesting enough when it started, however, it failed to develop depth and substance. The first half was funny enough. Emma was hilarious and entertaining but later on she just became annoying. For one, she starts many of her sentences with "ehr, um, er...". She lies a lot and lets other people walk all over herthen she feels all sorry for herself. I could not feel sorry for her. Jack does not seem like a real person, the story is predictable and the big secret in the end? Ridiculous. My recommendation? Read the first half and skim the rest.

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