Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emu Oil as my Makeup Primer

I first heard about Emu Oil from this site.

Since I bought this product, I have been using it almost everyday as my moisturizer/primer. It helps my makeup last long, all day in fact. And I never retouch in the afternoon. In the evening when I come home my face still looks good---albeit a little less fresh looking but still presentable. I have an oily skin and EO(emu oil) does make it slightly oilier but, in my opinion, tolerable. You might be wondering how EO could make my makeup last longer when it makes my already oily skin oilier. Doesn't oil wash out your makeup? I have no explanation for this. All I know is that when I use EO I don't have to worry if my makeup stays put.

There are many primers on the market now. I've never tried any of them so I can't really compare them with EO. If you're planning to try this product, make a thorough research on the Internet first. There are a lot of sellers online that offer competitive prices.

(I also found that EO is useful for inflammed acne. Just put a small amount on the affected area and it it will help with the pain. Ditto with insect bites and burns. There are many, many uses for EO. If you research Emu Oil on the Internet, you will have no shortage of materials--1.08 million results from Google alone. You may want to sit on a very comfortable chair. There are now Emu Oil shampoos, lip balms, soaps, colognes (!)(Animal fat cologne? People actually buy this? Why would anyone want an animal fat colone?), body lotions, etc. Products galore.)

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